Transition/Last Post (read this if you subscribe please)

2 06 2008


I finished my new site!!!

Just looking at it one might look and think “That’s what took him so long” Yes, dammit it did. And the reason why it did is because IE is a product created by satan himself, this I already knew…but what i didn’t know was just how malicious and evil it is to code for. This was just for Simple CSS mind you!!! So to all the coders that have to do it for both IE and Mozilla, i tip my hat to you for now i’ve tasted the bitterness of this unGodly task and can relate to your trial on a personal level.

To everyone else, I do very much appreciate your comments, and subscriptions. So much have i enjoyed blogging that i’ve registered my own domain and have moved (in theory) this blog over to

I stuck with this name because it’s catchy, describes what this blog is all about, and surprisingly it was available. There’s a great many advantages having your own site come with such as control over plugins theme’s/templates, control of your code, etc……but there are also a few disadvantages as well such as maintenance and security. But in the end i believe it’s going to be well worth it. I set this site up for me, this blog is not for the sole purpose of people coming in and being entertained or getting 2000 subscribers or comments.

This blog was set up for me to express myself, share my life, and just be able to get things out there that are on my mind, that i deal with on the daily. Although with this new domain I don’t expect the hits i was getting before, which is fine, but what i do hope is that it gives people a window into my life….my trials, triumphs, tribulations….and inpacts them in some way, shape or form. Whether it’s entertainment, or intrigue that keeps you reading I do hope that you continue on.



Just a few things i’ve noticed

27 05 2008

The minute I get my own place to live, the cost of living increases…..

just as soon as I get comfortable with my current phone/service, my phone starts to fall apart…..

Whenever I clean up my room/house/area of living at the very least 2-3 pairs of socks go missing, my jeans have gotten up and walked out the door, and t-shirts are playing hide and seek with me….

I stop giving a damn caring what other people think about me across the board (not just at work, or in my family), not that I really cared all that much, but caring at any level at all was bad and is now going to be corrected…..

I get a little bit of spare cash in my pocket and the car wants to act up and demand some of that spare cash to be put back into her…..

It seems the more rope you give someone to hang themselves with, the more rope they almost anxiously take to do so…..

Less and less I believe the theory that “you are what you attract” is complete and utter bs. Who came up with this? What is this really based off of? Yeah, there will be common denoms that “attract” you to someone (facial features, height, weight, clothing/style) but most of those things are superficial and can be changed with time and or money….below are a few reasons why i think this is BS

  1. Crazy people are attracted to not just crazy people, no. They are drawn like flies to stink to non-crazy people. This shouldn’t be a hard concept to believe nor understand. Think about any relationship you’ve been in with a “crazy person”… you think that the person in question was drawn to you because you are crazy? Or do you believe that you were drawn to them because they were? Absolutely not. Had you known they were crazy you wouldn’t have given them the time of day, that second look, your phone number or the key to your front door.
  2. A slob isn’t going to be attracted to another slob like they will someone who is neat and organized, they will ultimately be attracted to someone that doesn’t exhibit slob tendencies.
  3. Don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that a two people that have things in common wont be attracted to each other (i.e. people of the same culture) but this is a completely separate topic from the one i’m referring to.

Just needed to get that stuff off of my chest, blog about it and get back to neutral.

Work in progress

16 05 2008

To all my readers, I know i said a few weeks back that i’d be back posting like normal and I have (kind of) although as of recent I decided to start working on my own domain/site for a more permanent place for my blog and once again i’ve sort of abandoned posting in here. That will change shortly (promise) as I’m almost done. Unfortunately I wont be able to re-direct this blog over there (because I WILL NOT give wordpress control over my blog), so i’ll make a post shortly with the new addy for those who subscribe to my blog here can re-direct over there.

Thanks for reading 🙂


Question of the Week/What if…..

6 05 2008

I wanted to do something different this week, wanted to see how people would respond to various questions and what they thought about different topics….We’ve all gotten those emails “which do you prefer; coke or pepsi” and I hate those. But I did want to get people thinking about things “like that” but just on a deeper level.

Maybe you’ve thought of these things, maybe you haven’t….either way, try to be as sincere and honest as you can. Also, answer each question individually, not paired with the others. Thanks.

you didn’t have to go to work tomorrow (and get paid), what would you do with your day?

your best friend stopped being your best friend….for no reason

you went home tonight and found your dwelling completely destroyed by an act of God

you found a lotto ticket worth 100 million on the street (be real and detailed with this answer)

you had the ability/opportunity to pursue your dream without anything holding you back (time, people, capitol, etc) but had to drop everything right now and do it, would you?

you were given the opportunity to change one moment in history (yours or anyone else’s), what would it be and why?

you were given the chance to see the person you were put on this earth to love, but had to give up what you value most for just the opportunity to “see” them (note: see, not interact/talk)

you could only listen to one song on your radio/digital music device for 30days, what would it be?

you were given $1000 (post tax) per week for the rest of your life (in addition to your supplemental income), what would you do with it?

you had to live your life over again up until this point….what would you change? (toughest one)


5 05 2008

To Endure

Been on the grind here at work….so much that i’ve had little to no time to get on here and blog, or even keep up with other blogs. Honestly, i’ve had time for little else outside of work period…..that’s going to have to change because I came to my current company due in part to my last company working me so hard that it burnt me out.

Anyway, that period (working night and day) has hence passed and now or until they throw another ton or two of work on my back i’ll be getting back into things and resume my normal 1/1.5posts per week.

Thanks to the 6-8views i’ve been getting from those non-tag searches which I assume are “regulars” who post comments and subscribe to my blog.



p.s. The Chinese symbols each have their own meaning, the one below means love, the one above means to endure.


24 04 2008

This post is about my disdain for a disturbing and growing trend that will see a resurgence now that the weather is warm….Mandals. If you wear them and get easily offended by the raw and pungent truth then you probably should wait for my next post and skip this one.

First off, WTF. When did we start calling Men’s Sandals Mandals? Who came up with this? And why is it then when I went into DSW last weekend and told the cute sales rep that I was looking for some sandals she tells me “Oh the mandals are over in this section”……excuse me, WHAT? Did I not get the man memo about this new term or something?

Oh and don’t think I haven’t taken notice of my Caucasian (and every other race for that fact) brothern wearing these during the cold months…..Where in what book of man laws ™ or rule of thumb was it ok for us to start wearing these on the regular like it’s apart of everyday life (365 days a year with anything we want)? It’s gotten so bad THAT NOW THERE’S A NEGATIVE CONNOTATION ASSOCIATED WITH WEARING THEM!

Are you Egyptian, do you live in a climate that has more (appropriate) warm days then cold? Perhaps you’re a Spartan or of Roman decent…..No? Okay then it’s not kosher for you to wear these year round guys….it’s not kosher.

I use to rock the “mandals” hard back in the day when they were just called “mens sandals”, by “hard” I mean in the appropriate place and at the fashionably appropriate time.

For example

  • At the beach
  • While washing the car
  • When rocking the fresh linen pants & or linen shirt
  • Spring time @ a wine festival
  • A quick trip down to the mailbox/grocery store/carry out/car (when to lazy to lace up some kicks)
  • Summer BBQ’s & or cookouts
  • A scorching summer day when shoes/socks just aren’t going to do

But now you can see guys rocking this look year ’round, proudly wearing them with jeans, at the club, nice restaurants, in the winter time, or with mens capris. I’m not saying that wearing man sandals during this time of year is bad, this is the time of year when you should wear them, and when it’s appropriate. Where my problem is are with the people that rock them hard all year, and those people that don’t follow the rules when wearing them around this time of year.

Here are three key rules that the dominate gender should ad hear to.

1. Socks with Sandals – No man should be caught wearing socks with sandals. But again, especially in the black community this has become acceptable. If you wearing sandals leave the socks at home please.

2. Flip-Flops – Honestly there really isn’t a necessity for a man to wear these type of sandals when there’s such a vast collection to choose from now days….But for those that do follow this rule: If not at the beach, then there is no reason for any man to be wearing flip-flops. Ever.

3. Pedicure – If you don’t know what that is or perhaps think this is for women please stop reading, go get your mandals and throw them in the trash. It’s a requirement, not an option. Look at it like this; would you go outside with your hands ashy and crusty? with your fingernails long and yellow??? NO! So don’t let your feet be in that condition. GET A PEDICURE!


Welcome back Spring….

16 04 2008

It’s smack dab in the middle of April, and officially Spring Time! How do I know this you might ask? Well last week it got to over 70 degrees here for the first time in…oh about 180 days. When I walk outside to my car every morning (parked in the garage or not) theres a fresh coat, sometimes two, of pollen on the paint. The birds are chirping and singing me awake every morning should I leave my window open at night….these same birds are also doing bombing runs on my car whenever they feel like it.

Children are running around outside, playing, yelling, chasing, screaming at one another. Which is of course training that they will need much later on in life when working in corporate America, interacting with the opposite sex, operating a motor vehicle on major roads, and resolving their disputes with one-another.

Tourist are flocking to my city in drodes from all the corners of the earth to see some tree’s that originated from Japan….unbenounce to most, these tree’s can be found all over the DC metro area, and are common enough to find planted and growing in many residential neighborhoods (we had one in our front yard). These are the same tourist that can’t obey/read the traffic signs flashing at them in bright orange and white pigmentations, indicating when and when not to cross the road….a road in which automobiles in excess of two tons are using.

Actual ad\'s that they have plastered on Buses and in the Metro

Ah….yes, good ole Spring time in DC